How To Overcome Advertising Challenges In The CBD Industry

Founders Sophia Trunzo and Lior Root have pioneered a company that uses a data-driven and ROI-focused approach, offering a unique strategy that is unmatched by their competitors while guaranteeing proven results for clients.

By Emily Anderson and Brainz

Within the last couple of years emerged an all-in-one digital marketing agency specializing in the CBD industry. Founders Sophia Trunzo and Lior Root have pioneered a company that uses a data-driven and ROI-focused approach, offering a unique strategy that is unmatched by their competitors while guaranteeing proven results for clients. This dynamic duo understands the obstacles the CBD industry faces and offers many competing media tactics to help clients succeed, such as; Paid Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Management, and Search Engine Optimization. Their innovative growth strategies have allowed many CBD brands to grow and flourish their online presence and revenue in this competitive market.

Entering New Territory

Over the last few years, we’ve slowly heard the name “CBD” go from a somewhat uncertain term to a trusted name in holistic medicine. Through clinical studies, this cannabinoid has been proven to help with pain management and other treatments. According to Global Market Insights, in 2021, the cannabinoid market size accounted for 12.8 billion in the US and is said to grow by 21.7% CAGR between 2022 and 2028. Revealing the demand for digital marketing strategies aimed toward CBD and other therapeutic Cannabinoids.

In 2019, Paradigm Media surfaced, offering digital marketing strategies for new and competing CBD brands. These two co-founders understood and envisioned that there was going to be a need for this newfound market. As a result, they combined their years of experience in paid marketing and previous sales in the CBD industry to turn their vision into reality. By doing so, they were achieving impressive results that had many asking how they could leverage digital media to grow their brand in such an industry.

Paradigm Media faces the problems presented in today's cannabis industry head-on and creates solutions that will raise brands to the front lines of its industry—as a result, leading them to take on work for some of the most prominent names in the CBD.

Challenges of CBD Marketing

As we continue to see a demand for CBD products, that doesn’t mean that the online market for this industry has gotten any easier to navigate. Anyone in the CBD industry can tell you that there are challenges that remain. Although Cannabidiol is legal, CBD businesses are still faced with hardship when it comes to creating social platforms, securing paid advertisements, and more. Traditional outlets such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and many more prohibit CBD advertisements.

The allure of working with a digital agency is that they have the immediate advantage of managing policy changes through personal relationships. Paradigm Media works side by side with policy teams to combat any changes and ensure that your ads are not being rejected and accounts are in good health and not facing the disheartening risk of being disabled. Paradigm Media understands that policies change daily, affecting marketing tactics intended for the CBD industry. Their goal is to ensure that clients are always positioned at the top as industry leaders.

The challenges that CBD entrepreneurs face may seem off-putting to some. But, in reality, more people are using CBD than ever before and turning towards this plant derivative for its healing benefits. So, despite the difficulties associated with CBD marketing, there is an obvious need for this market and the therapeutic properties associated with CBD.

Lior and Sophia, power duo and co-founders of Paradigm Media, understand that it’s only a matter of time before we start to see CBD casually consumed and deemed harmless. Paradigm Media is committed and determined to provide businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs with full-service digital marketing services aimed explicitly at the CBD industry. As humanity progresses forward and begins to adopt CBD as an acceptable remedy, so will the acceptance of CBD marketing begin to change.

Future Forward Thinking

Until then, Paradigm Media is currently thinking forward and designing an exclusive tech product that will transform the CBD and Cannabis industry as we know it. This will be an extraordinary advancement in both CBD and tech because it will offer a way to revolutionize the industry, expedite the process and allow their clients to overcome loopholes in current restrictive policies effectively. Currently, too many restrictive industries face challenges in advertising products online and the risk of their social accounts being disabled. Paradigm Media is ready to put an end to it.

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