How to Market CBD Products

Updated: Jul 18

Only one agency is showing the CBD industry the right way to advertise.

By Business Insider

Established in 2019, Paradigm Media is intimately acquainted with the massive needs of the multiple CBD brands with whom they work. What started out as a niche market has expanded more rapidly than many could have imagined, with no margin for error; it is crucial to align with an agency that understands the dynamic landscape. Paradigm Media provides visibility for all of their clients' initiatives. Paradigm Media's data-driven and ROI-focused approach in the development of growth strategies holds unparalleled value for so many CBD brands, resulting in one huge success story after another. ParadigmMedia is dominating the industry as the only one-stop-shop agency for all things CBD.

Paradigm Media's comprehensive approach is what drives sales.

Since onboarding their first clients in 2019, Paradigm Media has quickly grown to become the go-to agency for the digital marketing needs of a wide range of CBD brands. The obstacles that need to be navigated in this market are massive, starting with the simple fact that this industry is tremendously competitive. This is why Paradigm Media preaches that it is absolutely imperative for their clients to have a brand mission and a differentiator within the industry. Their conclusive discovery process ensures that the specific target audience is identified for each brand, and the KPIs and expectations for growth define the strategic parameters in which Paradigm Media operates for each of their unique clients. Although many of their clients' products may be similar, Paradigm Media is very selective with the brands they represent. They do their due diligence regarding product lines and price points before taking on a new brand.

Consumer education is another big factor, requiring thoughtful strategies that engage the potential customers, while breaking down the common myths that still surround CBD in some quarters. For instance, some people are still unsure of the legality of these products, or they wonder about how much to take, and whether it's safe to use. Steering the consumer to the point of the final sale can be challenging, requiring a large number of touchpoints along the way, but because ParadigmMedia utilizes a multi-faceted 360° marketing strategy, their customers have a vast advantage over the competition.

The broad spectrum of services that are currently offered include: paid media, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, web development, and graphic design.

Perhaps the biggest challenges identified by Paradigm Media are the limitations placed on CBD Advertising by Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, and YouTube. The platform policies of these social media giants are defining how, and where, brands can engage with consumers. With policies that change as quickly as a chameleon, CBD brands require the expert guidance that Paradigm Media provides to them on a daily basis in order to smoothly maneuver around the evolving arena of internet advertising.

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