CBD Advertising: 5 Ways To Promote Your CBD Brand

Marketing CBD comes with massive challenges. Not only it's a fairly new and extremely competitive industry, but brands are also facing massive challenges when it comes to promoting their products online. So where can you advertise a CBD brand?

By Paradigm Media

Lior Root and Sophia Trunzo are the dynamic co-founders of Paradigm Media, a power agency built from the ground up specifically to help CBD and Cannabis brands thrive and stand out in this competitive industry.

"One of the biggest challenges we experience as advertisers in the CBD industry is that most traditional platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and many others, are not allowing CBD advertisements. Their policy can change daily, and we have to know how to navigate through that, making sure our clients are always positioned at the top as industry leaders. Another major challenge is consumer education. Part of our strategy is educating consumers, navigating their journey from their first engagement with the brand to the actual sale. Our experience, strategic partners, and ability to think out of the box allows us to overcome these major challenges."

Can You Advertise CBD on Facebook and Instagram?

Although it is possible to post organic CBD content on both Facebook and Instagram, neither platform will allow any paid ads that feature references to CBD (or hemp). Remove any explicit references to these and there is a chance that your ad will be approved, but even then, it is not uncommon for Facebook to reject campaigns that comply with its policies. Facebook has lifted its initial ban and is now allowing ads for CBD topicals but not ingestibles. However, keep in mind that Facebook crawlers will also search the domain and can block ads that link to pages promoting the sale of ingestible CBD products. The biggest risk of running paid ads on these platforms is getting your ad account disabled and/or even getting your domain blacklisted.

The most successful brands will either focus on educational content or the lifestyle and well-being aspects of CBD. Others will take a craftier approach and scrub the second domain of all references to CBD, which can link to the sales page once Facebook approves the ads.

Can You Advertise CBD on Google?

Like Facebook, Google does not allow ads that promote the use or sale of CBD or Cannabis. The workaround for their policy is building a landing page that is completely scrubbed of CBD content.

Overcoming CBD Marketing Challenges

Clearly, CBD advertising is extremely complex. One solution is to outsource your marketing to an agency that is specializing in CBD marketing. It is crucial to align with an agency that understands the dynamic landscape. Working with a team of experts that lives and breathes this industry and have worked with hundreds of CBD brands developing creative strategies to navigate through these challenges is key. But if you’re going to attempt to do it yourself, here are five ways you can effectively advertise your CBD brand and products, despite limitations on major platforms:

Tip #1 - Paid Media

Here at Paradigm Media we use paid media campaigns as an upper funnel strategy to drive traffic to your site through educational content about CBD as well as what sets your brand's products apart from your competitors. Take it a step further and partner with influencers, brand ambassadors, and publications to get a third-party endorsement to help you promote your brand.

Tip #2 - Content Marketing and Brand Partnerships

Consumer education is a huge factor, requiring thoughtful strategies that engage potential customers while breaking down the common myths that still surround CBD in some quarters. For instance, some people are still unsure of the legality of these products, or they wonder about how much to take, and whether it's safe to use. Steering the consumer to the point of the final sale can be challenging, requiring a large number of touchpoints along the way, but because Paradigm Media utilizes a multi-faceted 360° marketing strategy, their customers have a vast advantage over the competition.

Paradigm Media has been partnering with big media groups, publications, and bloggers to create educational content that helps us promote CBD and Cannabis products while establishing brand credibility and building trust with new customers.

Tip #3 - Affiliate Marketing

As we all know already selling CBD or Cannabis products is a huge challenge! Affiliate marketing offers a flexible approach as well as a cost-effective method to promote your brand and generate new leads. It's also a cost-effective marketing channel since the brand is only paying a commission on the sales.

Tip #4 - Email Marketing

Email marketing is our bread and butter in this industry. Email Marketing allows you to regularly stay in touch with customers and website visitors and educate them on your brand, new products, promos, events, and most importantly what differentiates you from the competition. From our experience, CBD and Cannabis brands see 30%-60% of their total revenue coming from this channel.

Tip #5 - Find Your Niche & Target Audience

The most important aspect of setting up and running a successful business is knowing your ideal clients within your specific niche. Once you know who your target audience is, you will then be able to implement your marketing, including the process of your content and product development. Therefore, choosing a niche should never be underestimated.

In Conclusion

The CBD industry continues to grow at a pace! As we continue to see a demand for CBD products, that doesn’t mean that the online market for this industry has gotten any easier to navigate. Anyone in the CBD industry can tell you that there are challenges that remain. Although Cannabidiol is legal, CBD businesses are still faced with hardship when it comes to creating social platforms, securing paid advertisements, and more.

With policies that change as quickly as a chameleon, CBD brands require the expert guidance that Paradigm Media provides to them on a daily basis in order to smoothly maneuver around the evolving arena of internet advertising.

The allure of working with a digital agency is that they have the immediate advantage of managing policy changes through personal relationships. Paradigm Media works side by side with policy teams to combat any changes and ensure that your ads are not being rejected and accounts are in good health and not facing the disheartening risk of being disabled. Our goal is to ensure that clients are always positioned at the top as industry leaders.

The challenges that CBD entrepreneurs face may seem off-putting to some. But, in reality, more people are using CBD than ever before and turning towards this plant derivative for its healing benefits. So, despite the difficulties associated with CBD marketing, there is an obvious need for this market and the therapeutic properties associated with CBD.

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