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9 Tips From Founders For Starting A Successful CBD Business

"In 2019, right before the pandemic hit, Sophia Trunzo and Lior Root co-founded Paradigm Media, a digital marketing agency. Rather than fall under the stress of the pandemic, they utilized the uptick in e-commerce and quickly rose from a small start-up to an industry staple. With the public perception in CBD’s favor and many prospective CBD entrepreneurs chomping at the bit, we caught up with Trunzo and Root to pick their brains on nine tips for starting a successful CBD business."

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Advice From Two Women Who Are Killing It in the CBD Industry Right Now

“If you’re not familiar, marketing CBD comes with massive challenges. It’s fairly new and extremely competitive. It’s not easy, but we take pride in our ability to overcome these obstacles."

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Only One Agency is Showing the CBD Industry the Right Way to Advertise.

"What started out as a niche market has expanded more rapidly than many could have imagined, with no margin for error; it is crucial to align with an agency that understands the dynamic landscape."

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When Wellness In Business Strikes A Cord

"When Lior Root and Sophia Trunzo started Paradigm Media, they had an inkling that the company would be a success. What they didn’t know was just how successful it would be."


Advertising Agency Marcom Gold Winners

Big Awards for Business. Digital Marketing, PR, and Advertising Agency.


Paradigm Media's comprehensive approach is what drives sales.

"Since onboarding their first clients in 2019, Paradigm Media has quickly grown to become the go-to agency for the digital marketing needs of a wide range of CBD brands."

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Meet Sophia Trunzo and Lior Root of Paradigm Media in West Hollywood

"While we originally met at a crossroads in our careers, we quickly connected through our entrepreneurial spirit, relentless drive, and hunger to surpass goals. We’re both hustlers that live and breathe digital marketing so our dynamic is unmatched."

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A crash course in selling CBD online

"Many listeners to The High Guide also work in cannabis and are also women, Paradigm Media Agency is creating benchmark strategies to successfully market and sell CBD online by leveraging their combined experience in email marketing, SEO, content creation and social."

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Setting Yourself Apart in the CBD Space 

"Regulated industries must maneuver the ever-changing-playing field of internet advertising and regional laws. Hear about the challenges these companies face and how platform policy is defining how, and where, brands can engage with consumers. Especially of interest for those working within regulated industries as well as marketers who someday dream of having their own shop."

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Meet Sophia Trunzo and Lior Root of Paradigm Media in West Hollywood

"We became a dynamic duo when we first started working together with a local brand in San Diego. We saw a lot of success running their paid media and affiliate program and were able to show them significant growth. As other CBD brands began to see our ads, they reached out to us personally asking how we were running our campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc."

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